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303 Offline strategies

1. We will try our best- The collective support is powerful to help your customer see you. Share everything you know, even your very best tips. Go out of your way to show your prospects exactly what works

2. What I can do for you right now- The customer have a lot of things to tell you when you ask this question. Build an undeniable reputation of integrity and you will not struggle to attract people to you. People are looking to follow those who are completely honest and not fake

3. I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced- This strikes a big a point to you when you are able to say sorry. Use creative ways to attract prospects to you. Do whatever is necessary to attract people. With this phrase you can do it with it in getting customers love you.

4. Long lasting offer- The customer will be able to appreciate your offer when you make it plain. It’s much easier to retain the customers that you already have than to keep attracting new ones all the time. So, in order to do this, make use of powerful words like long lasting offer.

5. we sincerely appreciate- you have the customer’s attention at the end of every business transaction when you make this comment. For every piece of content that you put online, use magnetic, sizzling and benefit-driven headlines to entice people to read your content and do what you want them to do. And the sincerity in this phrase does the magic.

6. It will be just what you ordered-It will not be better than what was ordered. Even if you believe a substitute would be in the clients` best interest, that’s a topic for discussion, not something you decide on your own. Your customer may not know or be at liberty to explain all the ramifications of the purchase.

7. I appreciate your business-This means more than a simple, thank for the order. Genuine appreciation involves, making sure that everything is performing satisfactorily and ascertaining that the original problem has been solved.

8. Looking forward to seeing you again-This inspires confidence in the client and makes him think you are sure of the quality of service delivered. He leaves you with a feeling that you are customer oriented

9. Lifetime investment- This expands the time the customer expects at the end of the day. Today’s customer is better educated and better informed, and has more choices than ever. In the global economy, geographic distance between buyers and sellers is irrelevant. With a phrase like lifetime investment, you are offering them confidence.

10. Limited offer- this puts the customer on toes to act. Customers don’t buy what your company sells. Instead they buy what those goods and services do for them. To illustrate, consider the following plea from an anonymous customer: Don’t sell me clothes. Sell me a sharp appearance, style, and attractiveness.

11. Lowest rate- it gives the customer something to look at. Every customer comes with certain expectations about the quality of the goods, the services, and the total experience of dealing with your business. When you exceed his expectations he perceives the quality as relatively high. When you fail to meet his expectations he perceives the quality as relatively low.

12. Magical- This is life which is what a lot of people wants around them. People either identify and connect with your story or they don’t. You can tell this story with the words you make use for them.

13. Mammoth interest- Huge, biggest and largest with mammoth pulls the customer together. For better or worse your customers have an opinion about the quality of service that you offer, and collecting, gathering, and measuring those opinions on a regular basis provides the crucial information that you need to keep them buying, multiplying, and coming back.

14. You are our priority- is what a lot of customers would love to make use. One thing customers will readily pay for is peace of mind. As customers we all willingly go back to

people and businesses who sincerely want to help us and have our best interest at heart. We want security, integrity, and the assurance that if there is a problem, it will be handled at no extra cost. Credibility brings customers back.

15. Very Practical- This makes you realistic to customers. In today’s service-oriented economy, excellent service is more than a competitive weapon – it’s a survival skill. Knowing how to win and keep customers is the single most important skill that anyone can learn.

16. Just Professional - The mention of the word professional is what may sell you fast. When we think of success in business, most of us think in terms of dollars, cents, statistics, facts, and figures. Yet all those measures of success are determined by the behavior of customers and the employees who serve them. Reward customers, and you’ll create and keep them

17. It is very Profitable- Yes! Everyone loves what gives them profit. You don’t have to be a genius to create customers. But you do have to find practical, workable answers to what I call the golden question: What’s the unmet want? The art of finding and meeting the unmet want is the high road to winning customers.

18. We are Profusely hot- customers would drive toward you when you make use of this phrase. Virtually every successful businessperson you ask will tell you that finding and meeting unmet wants is the name of the game when it comes to winning customers. The better you do this, the more customers you’ll win.And you do this words.

19. We are Proven & tested- a customer will be able to trust and get comfortable with you. Consistency demonstrates commitment. You’re going to earn trust because you’re consistent. Focus on marketing consistently which proves you are tested

20. The best Quality- Nothing stands out as quality for customers. Always strive for excellence in everything you touch, going an extra mile. Your content and profiles represent you online, so make sure it’s a true reflection of who you are and your high standards are not compromised in any way.

21. I definitely will make sure that it gets sorted- You have give customers the support they need in a challenge. Focus on what customers want and need, help them to buy what’s best for them, and make them feel good about it.

22. You will surely be able to enjoy- you are assuring an excellent service to them.Appearances can be deceiving, but customers draw a lot of conclusions about the quality of service on the basis of what they see. Anything your customer sees, feels, touches, hears, or smells concerning your business is shaping his opinion of your service for better or worse.

23. I absolutely agree- customers would not want to be proven wrong.If the customer’s experience is rewarding, chances are he will buy recommend you to others, and come back. If his experience is neutral, he may or may not come back. But if he walks away feeling negative, he probably won’t be back and will likely tell up to twenty other people.

24. Why you need this- and they are willing to get your help as you attract them. People want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Their “Why” may be the same as yours or they may not even have identified it yet. Your “Why” can inspire people to follow you.

25. I will take responsibility-Tell your customer that it is your responsibility to ensure a satisfactory outcome to the transaction. Assure the customer you know what he expects and will deliver the product or service at the agreed upon price. There will be no unexpected changes or expenses required to solve the problem.

26. I will keep you updated-Even if your business is a cash and carry operation, it probably requires scheduling and coordinating numerous events. Assure your customers they will be advised of the status of the events. The longer the lead, the more important this is.

27. I will deliver on time- A due date that has been agreed upon is a promise that must be kept. Close doesn’t count.

28. Monday means Monday-The first week in October means the first week in October, even though it contains a national holiday. Your clients are waiting to hear you say, I deliver on time. The supplier who consistently does that is a rarity and will be remembered.

29. Links to the best- you are driving them to platforms that would support them the more. There is absolutely no substitute for an honest, unshakable, enthusiastic belief that the products and services your business offers are the best available anywhere. Couple this with a sincere passion for helping people, and you have an unbeatable combination for creating and keeping customers.

30. You can count on us- customers have this phrase at the back of their mind when you have their attention. Despite all of the untold millions of products and services for sale in today’s marketplace, customers will exchange their hard-earned money for only two things: Good feelings and Solutions to problems.

31. The perfect place to- Customers may not want to spend a lot of time moving from one. place to another so with your phrase, they are comfortable. Stop pitching your business opportunity and products/services on your family and friends and everyone you bump into. Develop a compelling marketing message. Share how you help people to get the results they want with this phrase

32. No inferior- You have gotten their attention which is what you need. When your offer matches your prospects’ needs exactly, they will keep coming back for more and even recommend you to others. And you can assure them this with no inferior quality.

33. Rest Assured Mr……”- customers sees you as a serious person when you use this. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Focus on marketing so you can attract the right people

who need your help and solution. The rest assured pushes them to believe you have the solution for them.

34. How can I help?- Customers want the opportunity to explain in detail what they want and need. Too often, business owners feel the desire or the obligations to guess what customers need rather than carefully listening first. By asking how you can help, you begin the dialogue on a positive note. And by using an open ended question, you can invite discussion.

35. I can solve that problem-Most customers especially business to business customers are looking to buy solutions. They appreciate direct answers in a language they can understand. A popular marketing axiom states, “People don’t buy goods, they buy solutions to problems. They don’t buy quarter-inch drill bits, they buy quarter-inch holes.” When people buy solutions to problems, what they are actually buying is the expectation of feeling glad.

36. I don’t know but I will find out- When confronted with a truly difficult question that requires research on your part, admit that you don’t know the answer. Few things ruin your credibility faster than trying to answer a question you are unsure of all the facts. Savvy buyers may test you with a few questions they know you can’t answer. And just sit quietly while you struggle to fake an intelligent reply. An honest answer enhances your integrity.

37. We are efficient- means being effective without wasting time or energy and being conscience of the end results of the project. No wants to waste time so being efficient saves on having to do something again due to mistakes that might have been made in the past. Do it right the first time to avoid wasting time to correct problems.

38. Simplified- All you can think of is perfectly taken care of in this simplified word. Take for instance, simplified process’. This is going to give a customer something to look up to. With this word, a customer will be attracted to you especially those who do not need complex issues.

39. Sizable- portability is what a lot of people would appreciate . Sizable and simple to handle can be the attracting force to you. This is the reason why the size is always put into consideration when it comes to

40. Phenomenal hit- This means you have something that they may not get from others. Selling is about the exchange of good/services for money. Meaning no money, no goods/services. Rarely was anything done for free. You want it; you’ve got to pay for it. Selling therefore is idea driven which attracts customers to you.

41. Significant- The customer is always right and would want to make use of something that is vital. Marketing is about initiating a long term relationship with people. That is, the focus of marketing is getting close to people. Meaning marketing is relationship driven rather than word driven with phrases like ‘significant role’

42. Next-level- You have made it clear that customers are going to benefit in an advanced level.It just makes things so much easier (and more fun) when you come as you are. Just be yourself, be human, use your own voice, and know that that’s enough for you to be a success. Remember, there are people out there who can only hear your message from you. Don’t mess with that!

43. Immense benefit for you- The customers will be able identify with you when you make use of this phrase. Your objective is not to launch yourself in under a millisecond as soon as your customer foot has crossed the door and then blast the question 'can I help you Sir or Madam' before they have had any time to survey their surroundings or even take breath for that matter.

44. Incredible- That is the right word to use to attract customers.Only promise what you know you can deliver. There will be times life gets in your way. Personal, family, work, or tech issues will all trip you up. With the word, incredible Offer, you have the platform to attract more customer.

45. Conquer the world with- They can now dare to do a lot of things when you make use of this phrase. Having clarity about the kind of customers you want, how you want them to respond and interact with you is very important to attracting your ideal clients into your business. Always contribute productive, constructive feedback in meetings and presentations, rather than shooting down ideas.

46. Perfect for you- customers love perfection which is the reason why you can get attraction to them.Go above and beyond of what is expected of you. The extra effort will pay off in the long run by not only keeping the clients you have. With the perfect word that is going to keep them eventually to you.

47. Boost- As simple as the word is, it improves your status. Show your customer that you care about them personally and that you offer quality at a fair price; that is the foundation for a lasting relationship. Take the time to understand the customer. ‘Boost your Business’ can be the phrase you will make use of when you need customers around you.

48. Free for you- The customer will come for you when you make things available without price. Do small things that will stick in your customers' minds. When you give out items free once in a while it boasts your customer’s base.

49. Fresh- The customer needs something new and innovative. Everyone needs to have some kind of guarantee they are making the right decision to use the product or service. Even if the guarantee has a limited time, people feel they can still change their minds about their purchase at some point. Guaranteeing products and services earns the trust of the consumer.

50. Strange but true- You have made it possible for your customers to understand what is expected from you.This motivates them to attract your product. This creates a mental image of a customer you would like to serve. This is because customers are the focal point of your business.

51. Fantastic for you to – You got their attention and makes traffic heavy for you. With this your customer will understand what you do. Remember that business is all about serving others. When you project your business with great words like ‘Fantastic’ it gives them the assurance that you are in for a great business.

52. Brilliant- intelligent and special for customers to make use of. You attract new customers with this phrase, brilliant offer which may mean smart offer for you to get. Your goal is to create awareness and make sure that your solution meets the buyers’ need.

53. Latest innovation- The innovation that is introduced to your phrase attracts customers to you.Once you understand who your customer is you will better be able to identify with your phrase. Content that assists in meeting this goal proves that your solution provides more value. And the word, ‘latest’ is such word.

54. Mind-blowing result for you- The way you talk to your customers matters a lot. And this what will help you make a great sell.The key to success is to make the connection between content and their need. The larger the prize, the more new clients we get in return. Mind blowing is a word that would drive the market for you.

55. Creative- It pulls customers to come to you because you have given them something to think about.If you are looking to attract prospects, convert them to customers and keep them coming back, this is what you need to use for that feat.

56. Mega- It is huge and big, your customer have a lot of things to deal with when you make use of this word rightly.Understand your customer better when you make use of the word, huge. It has a massive way of improving your customer base within a short time.

57. Excellent service- the service you are offering to people is what would help them appreciate you.If you treat customers with the utmost respect and patience, they come to you. Words that are exciting and attractive for customers which is the reason why you can make exceptional difference.

58. Ridiculous cheap- You have their attention!!! That is the first thing you need to attract them. Make the customer feel comfortable with your product or service when it comes to price you are giving them.

59. Exceptional—it is different and you have proven that with your word.Provide an environment that they will feel safe in. You can do the same when you look the part. You can't attract new customers when they don't know you exist with exceptional services.

60. Simply Intelligent- nobody loves a dull client, you have told them you are intelligent and they believe you. A customer's loyalty to your company, as well as your products or services, is directly proportional to the loyalty you show them. When you prove you are smart, they come to you.

61. Absolutely true- You are saying the truth to them. This is a very important key to acquiring and attracting customers. The truth is what you need to survive in the business. This is why you should always present your customers with the truth.

62. Fast, timely and effective- customers are convinced you are the best for them. Customers and clients love big bold promises that make their lives better and keep their costs down. Don't be shy about upping your promise-making when you use this phrase.

63. new and innovative- It procreates a lot of action traffic for you. This is a ridiculously profitable and successful strategy—yet few retailers have the guts to do it. I encourage you to give it a try. It is new and innovative!!!

64. You are Guaranteed- trust is assured to these customers. Words are powerful, this is reason why you need to make use. Sales are the result of how people perceive you, gained through marketing & experience. And with you giving them an assurance of what they are buying, it becomes easier for you to win them.

65. One Thing you need to- The customer will want to know what makes it helpful to them. Most of clients are too busy to spend a lot of time on the internet. And because of this you should make use of words that would support them in making quick decision.

66. Highest offer for you- customers look up to you in terms of options. What is important to them is what you can do for them. You build guest loyalty by taking care of them while they are in your bar. With the offer that is highest you have the best thing for them.

67. We have huge rewards – This is a phrase that brings customers to you. By showing the customer that they come first, are sincerely valued and that they are being given loyalty, it should warrant a mutual response with your rewards.

68. We respond Immediately- the time frame makes you look professional. Make this the foundation for all your decision making and more customers will be there. When people leave happy, they become long-term customers and tell their friends that you can do things within a short time.

69. We have Improved- This tells customers to feel safe with you.Build a genuine relationship with them that will make it difficult for them to desire to go anywhere else for business. You can do this easily with your words like improved.

70. It is Informative- Information cannot be neglected with customers. This is huge. Certain words make your clients light up and others fall flat. When you provides phrases that are informative, a lot of people seem to identify with you

71. Instructions for you- With this you got something special to give your customers. You give them instructions and they are willing to hear you out. However, the words you make use of is what would help you get that perfect customer base.

72. Innovative and exciting- customer will be attracted when they see these sentence. Yes!! The phrase alone is giving them something to look out for when they do business with you. You have that great and amazing idea to help them.

73. We are the largest- This word supersedes a lot of expectations for customers. You have made it clear you are the best in your field. And when you tell them this, they look up to you as the best without fear.

74. Latest options- innovative, advancing and exceptional is what this is all about. Everyone has a free offer, you have to make yours super enticing so you can stand out. A great way to create this irresistible offer, think of five things that you would want someone to give you free.

75. Lavishly bestowed and rewarding- the phrase is sellable and able to direct you to a lot of customers. You have to spend money to make money. Make them feel good about spending their money. This can all be highly effective way to attract new customers When you make it easier for them with rewards.

76. Liberal and helpful.- it makes it possible for customers as they are able to choose. So many people seek out small companies because they want to form more intimate relationships and have personalized experiences. This is what you can do with your words.

77. I will be more than glad – Your willingness to customers will go a long way in helping you. People remember the kindness and smiles you share with them and how you made them feel, not what kind of car you drove or what designer clothing you wore.

78. I completely understand the reason why / your situation- customer love people who reasons alongside them when they are in need. You are there for them. You understand what they feel and is ready to support them. This is what would help you get customer base within a short time.

79. We will help you- You have made it clear that you are going to help them and they would always want to come back to you. What customers think is true. Unfortunately, it may not be supported by the facts. Understand that they will hold on to this truth and do not fight to change their mind.

80. No hidden charges- a lot of customers are afraid of what will happen to them when they make transaction but this clears it away.Words alone are very powerful and they have a big influence what your customers think. If you don’t set both of these groups’ expectations up front, your company will never be able to excel in customer service.

81. happy to assist- Your willingness to make things easier for them.Only ever offer a customer or client something that you are sure you can give them. It is better not to mention a delivery date and deliver tomorrow than it is to say you’ll deliver tomorrow and then don’t. It is better to tell your hotel guests that the fire alarm system is being tested in the morning than let them find out for themselves.

82. Best customer care- The customer care unit is an engine house that would support.customers, if you can assure them of a good one, you are on your way to success. Stick to deadlines, make sure you turn up promptly for any appointments and never make

promises you cannot keep. If situations change then let the customer know as soon as possible.

83. Effective Call Centre- you will attract a lot of people who would want to inquiry about a lot of services.Try to make every customer’s experience a positive one that they’ll remember and talk to others about. Be helpful, be courteous and polite – give a little extra if possible, even if it is just some advice or extra information about the product or service they are buying or interested in buying.

84. We give preference to- This has given a customer something to think about. What makes your business special? What is unique, different, important? Be able to clearly answer the question, "Why should I choose to turn my money over to your business when there are so many other choices." This is what this preference is all about.

85. We recommend- You will see that a lot of customers would benefit by your recommendation and come back to you. Remember that business is all about serving others. They are the only ones who will put money in your bank account. The more a business is about serving others and the less it is about you and your needs, the more people come to you.

86. We will surely ensure that- There is nothing as excellent as getting a customer convinced that you are ready to do the best. If you can't resolve the customer's complaint, volunteer to get someone who can. Don't wait for the customer to get angrier and demand to see the manager.

87. What I will do for you right away – You are ready to help people which is the reason why you are making a beautiful phrase for them. Make sure that you direct you message to this customer and not to some general population. Really try to connect with people. Make it possible that you help them in the future with any support.

88. what I can do for you – Your customer will be glad he or she came to get from you. A customer is like a prized possession. Do not forget about your customers. Everyone loves attention and has a need to know that others care about them. There are many ways to keep in touch with your customers.

89. You should not- This tells them not to…in some certain issues. Once you have a few customers that like what you have to offer, enlist them to help you. This is known as acquiring customers by referral. Most happy customers will gladly tell others about you, but most of the time they will not think about it unless you give them a reason or incentive.

90. We are glad we met you- The assurance is what you would give your customers to visit you again and again. There are many ways to do this. Depending on who your customer is, some methods will work better than others. Once you understand who your customer is you will better be able to identify where he is to be found.

91. We would suggest that- This means you have the suitable conditions for your customers to choose from. The better you can focus and direct your marketing efforts to those people most likely to actually pay for what you do the better it will work. Some different media that may be useful to you

92. To avoid a similar inconvenience in future we request you to- This will tell your customer that you have an option for them. You have made it easy for them to understand that you have them in mind even after business. And they are willing to stand with you always as faithful customers.

93. Why you need to- You have given the customer that option of making it with you now and again in business. Customers are the focal point of your business. Who are they? What motivates them? Are they rich or poor? Educated or not? Where are they? Create a mental image of a customer you would like to serve and use this image when you are creating marketing campaigns.

94. Did we serve you better- at the end of a business , you would ask the customer questions that directs to serving them better.The customer is literally treated like a number, and terms like “correspondence” create the feeling that a letter is being written to a 16th century nobleman. Instead, get friendly, personable and casual.

95. Benefits- Always benefits and supports to your customers.You already know that a memorable moment in customer service doesn’t have to break the bank, so if customers request something special or if employees notice an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary, encourage them to follow through.

96. For Special customers like you- they believe that they are very special customers to you.When a customer decides to invest in your business, act like you give a damn! While customer appreciation may feel like a lost art, it offers an opportunity for you to remind customers that you are a business that is worth buying from and that you plan to earn their loyalty.

97. scheme for your requirements- Customers who are taken care of when it comes to choice would always come back. Providing good customer service is often a matter of common sense, but that doesn't mean it comes naturally to all business owners. This is why it is important to create a requirement for your customers.

98. We are experts- That is one assurance that will always bring customers to you.Avoiding language that sounds passive-aggressive, clearly stating why customers are being transferred, and avoiding slang or technical jargon are of paramount importance here.

99. We never fail to deliver- The customer will not doubt this word when you make use of it. What a customer does when they are unhappy. They complain to friends, on social media, and even sometimes to you. Your business reputation is only as good as your customer’s last experience. Everyone that interacts with your customers should understand this.

100. We made it special- customers would love something special.When you make it clear that you have created something special, it will attract more customers to you. This is a phrase that does not stop getting the attention of customers. And when you have made your product special, you are on the go for a huge traffic.

101. Startling- Wao!! They want to hear you out. Starling Discovery! Imagine the effect it has on you. The discovery is what everyone would want to know. And when you have gotten their attention, it is now easier for you to make your stance on your product.

102. Strange- Everyone who want to know what you are talking about. Strange should be a word that needs to be used with care. A creative use of strange like; strange & profitable can put you on the face of customers. And when you do, a lot of people are bounds to visit you.

103. Strong and effective- customers wants something that would help them stand. The strength that you are offering and the effectiveness will help you attack your customers. This is what you can easily do when you make use of the words in your customer attraction.

104. Sturdy- This word is a killer if you use it well. Just like strong, it is a word that would give your customers that edge and support they need to make use of your products and services. All you need to do is to pull yourself together and show them that you can help them.

105. How can I help?- it helps explain in detail what they want and need. Help or assistance will help you do the unimaginable when it comes to winning the hearts of customers. If you can offer help, you have customers.

106. You can be helped- the desire or the obligations to guess what customers need rather than carefully listening first. Just like how can I help? This is a phrase that is powerful and exciting for you to use.

107. We are going to support-Few things ruin your credibility faster than trying to answer a question you are unsure of all the facts. Make it known you can support or help as much as possible. This is what would help your customers see you in a friendly way.

108. Savvy Experts- an intelligent customer will embrace this. The world is moving in a fast pace that someone who is not able to help them achieve an aim with experience and intelligence may not make a difference. This is why the phrase is catchy and attractive.

109. Integrity we maintain- An honest answer enhances your integrity. That is all you need you say. It is a something that would give you that leverage to have a good rapport with new customers. They can trust you and have that confidence in you.

110. We will take responsibility-Tell your customer that it is your responsibility to ensure a satisfactory outcome to the transaction. Your customers would be able to understand that you have a lot to do with their future and interest. Responsibility counts it all.

111. We assure- They expects service at the agreed upon price. Assurance is what you need to offer your customers if they would have to come back. And when you have been able to give them this support that you are going to be there for them, it would be so much easier for you to attract your customers.

112. Mind blowing Result- You will get customers with ease when you make use of this phrase. They need your words that would give them the leverage for coming to you and getting excellent results. If you can do this with huge word that would catch their attention, you would have your reward.

113. Successful- Who doesn’t want to be a success? Customers are first. If you give them success they go and come back with recommendations. Assure them of success and you see them coming to you.

114. Superior quality- It supersedes your competitors catchy words. Quality cannot be neglected when it comes to customers. They want to be assured that they are getting the best from you. And if you are able to do this, it would be easy for you to get more customers.

115. Surprise Awaits You- This alone will attract curiosity to you. The surprise is what would give your customers something to look up to. If you can create this surprise, customers will always come to you to expect something at the end of the transaction.

116. Terrific- The word will give you something to hold on. Terrific offer!!! They are willing to listen to you. You have to create your phrase to look tempting and innovative. If you can do this, you have a lot of things to gain at the end of the day.

117. It is tested- You have given them a hope that they need. A product that is tested and trusted cannot be overlooked by a customer. This is the reason why it is imperative that you make it clear that you are for real.

118. Tremendous impact when used- for consumers, the result is all they need.Show your customers that they can actually trust you. Be transparent. Be ethical. Be exactly what it is they think the world is lacking.

119. Unconditional- You make it so simple for them to buy when you put unconditional. Take a look at what your competitors are doing to please clients and do more. Offer an incentive for making customer referrals if they are pleased with your service.

120. Unique- The uniqueness is what will differentiate your work from others when it comes to customers. Anything that can be done to build trust and confidence also creates lasting customer loyalty. Whether it's a little thing like returning a phone call or email promptly or a big thing like making your client look brilliant, you're always either building trust and confidence

121. Unlimited- The customer is rest assured that there is no end to the product. they will come! The only one definite way you are going to fail to attract targeted and endless prospects to you is if you quit. Keep going with this unlimited offer to customers.

122. Unparalleled- Action in its description when you make use of the word. Use creative ways to attract prospects to you. Do whatever is necessary to attract people, even it means doing extra 5% that no one else is doing. Come up with something that only you can offer.

123. Fashionable- Every customer wants to look different. Not too many though as no choice would be made. They can be packaged in terms of pricing, features and so on. You’d be giving people some flexibility with this fashionable word.

124. Unusual- it is not all the time they see this. Your customer should feel like they are the only customer. They don't want to know about anyone else. For every piece of content that you put online, use magnetic, sizzling and benefit-driven headlines to entice people to read your content and do what you want them to do.

125. Useful- The benefits will always attract a lot of people to you. While everyone is sharing good things about products, systems and companies, share the bad side of things. Warn people not to waste their money on certain products and systems and back up your claims. Remember, people want honesty.

126. Valuable- It is very useful and customers love useful things.The key to happy customers that keep coming back (and sending you all their friends) lies within their personality type! If you can quickly read their personality, you will know exactly what they need from you to both create a great first impression

127. Wealth- Money.Money makes the world go round. If your product doesn't solve their problem, don't keep pushing; rather, recommend another solution. That's the final test that shows them that when they come to you, they won't get any product shoved down their throat and you really just want to help them solve their problem

128. Weird- Wait a minute, they want to hear more. In order for your clients to become raving fans, give them what they want/need. Get results for them and they will refer. Don't be arrogant enough to believe that you deserve a referral

129. Wonderful opportunity for you- So, how can you break into that little “circle of trust” and grab yourself a handful of new customers to get your small business off the ground?That is the nail that you will use in hitting them.There will be no unexpected changes or expenses required to solve the problem.

130. We will keep you updated-Even if your business is a cash and carry operation, it probably requires scheduling and coordinating numerous events.

131. You are assured- Assure your customers they will be advised of the status of the events. Never promise more than you absolutely know you can deliver, and then do your utmost to deliver more than you promised. Nothing in my experience has gotten more customer loyalty than customers getting more than they were promised.

132. We will deliver on time- A due date that has been agreed upon is a promise that must be kept. Always remember, your clients don't want to buy your product, they want you to solve their own problem. If you can be the person who listens, understands, re-frames and solves their problem for them, they will come back

133. We produce results- Exactly and it drives a lot of customers to you.Your customers come to you because you or your products solve some type of problem or create an opportunity. Take it one step further; don't stop at just your product as a solution.

134. Safety assured- Customers are at rest with this phrase. Become a master at facilitating questions and conversations. Get others to think by asking them action oriented thinking questions: "How might you approach a problem such as this?" "How might you go about changing that?"

135. Save- Money and time us what comes to the mind of the customer. Business is not a business without a customer. It’s really hard to pay for customers when you are just getting started, so why not get them for free so they save some money.

136. Last chance- Oh boy, you have hit the hammer hard on them and they are rushing. Loyal customers become fans when you wooo them with authentic service. Treat each interaction with your customers like a first date. Impress, engage and electrify them. Keep the relationship new with special offers, thank you's and discounts

137. The truth about- You are telling the facts without lies.People still have hopes and dreams and want solutions to their most burning problems. The BIG elephant in the room, however, is the fact that it’s MUCH harder to acquire a new customer these days. Truth is what would help you get your customers.

138. How to get- It always work when you make use of them effectively. You need a new bag of tricks that you can dig into any time your customer base is getting a little scarce… and I have just the thing for you. How to get makes it easier for you to make this possible.

139. I apologize for our mistake- this is sincerity that would sell you. Even so, mistakes sometimes happen, so create customer loyalty by apologizing and do service recovery by giving the individual something of value for the inconvenience.

140. Let me make it right- A phrase that is awesome and enticing to you. People are really gun-shy about going with a new supplier, a new service, a new widget manufacturer, or even a new restaurant during tough times. They like to go with the things they are comfortable with. They like to go with the people that they know they can trust.

141. 'Thank you for your business- you can telling them to come back again and again.Always try and exceed your customer's expectations. If they can leave your site feeling that they have truly gained something from visiting or purchasing from you, they simply won't be able to resist the temptation to return.

142. We are here 247- This alone will support you in convincing customers to come to you.This is business basic that is still the best way to instill customer loyalty. Be all that you can be in your business and they'll recognize it. It really is that simple.

143. Monday means Monday-It makes you professional. Be honest through both the good and the bad -- and make sure that you under-promise, over-deliver and establish a real relationship with your client

144. I deliver on time- Your clients are waiting to see their products delivered. The best way to keep our customers coming back is outstanding customer service. It isn't about turning a dollar today; it's about keeping a customer for life with time delivery.

145. We never fail- you will have given them a trust that will not be neglected. What’s missing that you can provide? To get to that answer, start paying attention to the things your customers do and say. Then, find something you can provide that they need, and do it.

146. It will be just what you ordered-It will not be better than what was ordered.This strategy is ideal for service businesses and professional service firms. First, take a hard look at who your customers are and then give them the assurance about their orders.

147. I appreciate your business-This means more than a simple, thank for the order. Also, when you see a repeat customer, do acknowledge and reward that repeat business to turn them into raving loyal with your appreciations.

148. Genuine appreciation- ascertaining that the original problem has been solved is great.They will WANT to spend time with you and coming back to you all the time to do business will be their excuse to do so.

149. Looking forward to seeing you again- inspires confidence in the client. Only when you're regularly helping them will they truly value their relationship with you. The more you sell, the happier they'll be with you

150. Customer oriented- gives customers a feeling that you are friendly. Customers will sing your praises and send you referral business. Don't make customers jump

through hoops to get problems managed. Reform your system so that issues get resolved with ease

151. Easy on you- there is no harsh word for the customer to digest.When customers complain, feel their pain. Ask for more information and let them vent. Then turn their pain into pleasure. Become the hero who solves problems and you create extreme loyalty.

152. Guaranteed- It is what sells you faster. There are a lot of gimmicks for bringing customers back—and I won't say that I haven't tried some of them! But the bottom line is this: deliver what you say you will deliver when you say you will deliver it, follow up, and ask for input

153. Health related- health is always going to attract customers to you. When you have made it easier for people to understand that you are health oriented, it would be simple for people to get attracted to you.

154. Discover- They are all ears to know what you want them to discover. Build an undeniable reputation of integrity and you will not struggle to attract people to you. People are looking to follow those who are completely honest and not fake.

155. Love when you come to us- It is so easy and simple to attract customers.A little appreciation can go such a long way. Not only will you retain the customers that you send your appreciation package to, but you will most likely gain new ones from simple word of mouth.

156. Money- Customers jump when they hear or see money . They are a great way to prompt your prospects to take action. The key is to offer freebies that contain valuable information and tips. You can also offer discounts on your products and/or sign-up fee.

157. New- A three letter word that will inspire people to come to you. The innovation and addition of new features will help you attract a lot of people to you. Customers love new items and the word would definitely spice up their imagination.

158. Proven- Yes, they are happy that you are given them something great. You have to prove to customers that you able to help them achieve their aims. This is what would help you get a lot of customers to yourself.

159. We are one of the best- you are not seeing you are the best but you are good. Satisfying a customer isn't enough; you need to delight them as often as you can--to do something that gets them telling stories about you. You can sell a beautiful gown and they'll be happy, but if you call to see how the event went, they'll talk about you.

160. We expect to see again- they will always come back because you appreciate them.That's easy: Wow them on two fronts. If you provide either a product or service that does more and costs less than the customer had hoped--AND provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations, you've just created a fan.

161. Thanks for your visiting- customers have feelings which must be respected. Have a clear vision of where you are headed and what you want your business to become. If you don’t know where you are going, then nobody will want to follow you. Appreciation is one of the ways of getting customers

162. 'I'm not sure, but I will find out.'- Truth is bitter but it always do wonders. Don’t do things like everyone else does. Dare to be different. Look for new ways to help your prospects. With this phrase, you are sure you are getting customers.

163. What can we do for you?- customers want to be pampered. If your content is top-notch and like none other, helps people, solves their problems and impacts them in big ways, then you’ll make an impression on people and stand apart.

164. 'What else can I do for you?'- you are going ahead with more offers on what to help them with.

165. The most important thing- Indeed, this is the most important thing you can offer. You’re going to earn trust because you’re consistent. Focus on marketing consistently. You must never stop marketing or market only when you want to. You need to keep attracting prospects to you and build the momentum.

166. 'What is most convenient for you?'- You got them with this phrase. They allow people to watch over your shoulder as you show them step-by-step processes of doing some things. When you are willing to help people achieve their aims, you have visitors to yourself.

167. We hope to meet you again- The customers will always come back to you. Be willing to help people when they need help. People follow leaders who have their best interests at heart, who go out of their way to help them. When you care about people, you’ll help them.

168. 'How may I serve you?'- You have the word that will change them with this offer. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and to raise your opinions. Of course, you need to do this with some respect

169. Did we achieve your desire?- Customers are intelligent people and would love to be helped. You will attract more people to you like cheese attracts mice if you make complex strategies easy to understand and implement.

170. 'How did we do?'- You have asked a question that would help you attract you. Always strive for excellence in everything you touch, going an extra mile. Your content and profiles represent you online, so make sure it’s a true reflection of who you are and your high standards are not compromised in any way.

171. We are thankful for your service- you have made them understand that you are grateful. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get as many customers as you can, but you also have to treat your existing clients honestly and fairly. And this has to do with appreciation of their services to you.

172. 'Glad you're here!'- They feel so important and special when you use this phrase. Develop a positive mindset so you can treat your business like a business and be able to overcome any challenges that you may encounter along the path to success.

173. We have been proven- Your customers would have an assurance to use your service. And if you are in the habit of over-delivering, any mistake on your part would be easily forgiven and forgotten

174. 'Thank you.'- The 2 most important words that sells. They will be confident that you will be able to help them again and again with your appreciation. People buy from those they know, like and trust. Work towards earning people’s trust – it’s a huge factor. No trust=no sales.

175. Killer- this word changes a lot when you make use of it. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Focus on marketing so you can attract the right people who need your help and solution. So with a killer word, you get it right.

176. Serious- This presents you as an expert. Exceed your prospects’ expectations by over-delivering in everything you do. They will not look anywhere else as they know you never disappoint.

177. Stellar- customers are able to come to you when you use this word. Stop pitching your business opportunity and products/services on your family and friends and everyone you bump into. Develop a compelling marketing message.

178. Tremendous and exceptional- It is what will sell you fast to customers. The worst thing that you could do online is to provide misleading information. Always validate your claims, you want to build trust, not break it. This is the reason why you should show customers that you care.

179. Rockstar- Influence and powerful when you make use of the word. There is only one you, take advantage of that and stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to express your personality.

180. We capture the best- Customers will love you when you get. Become a “go-to” person and a resource in your niche. Very powerful when people come to you with burning questions, knowing that you’ll point them in the right direction.

181. Amazing result for you- it is very important that you prove to customers that you have solutions for them. First impressions last. Paint the right picture in your prospects’ minds. Use your best pictures, even if it means getting them professionally done. You

want to be perceived as a leader with confidence, who knows what s/he is doing and who can help people solve their problems.

182. Unreal- it is a word that has made it possible for you to get your customers. With so much out there to choose from, you must make yourself stand out in some regard. Be yourself and let your personality shine through your words, unreal can be positive if you use right like unreal but productive.

183. Easier for you- simple for customers to make use with attraction. Of course, you want to be ethical and ensure that you’re always telling the truth and not using these words just for the sake of grabbing attention. The point here is to spice up your truths in a way that will cause your prospects to take notice in what you have to say.

184. Ultimate- You have made it possible for customers to believe in you with this. Let the world know that you are unique in your own way. Attraction marketing puts a great emphasis on having your own Unique Selling Point in place and not getting lost with other similar businesses

185. Perfection- you have made it clear that you are ready for business with this word. The key to having people like you is to build rapport with them. It’s easier to relate and connect with people who share the same interests and aspirations as our own because you have proven to be perfect.

186. Major breakthrough- This phrase is something that would attract a lot of people to you. Several words are considered “hot buttons” to get reactions for people. These simple everyday words are proven to get great results in any market with any client or customer. Use the hot button words to increase the earning potential of the business.

187. It is striking- You got the best word to use because it strikes something on the custo