install Windows 10 HOME
Upgrade from previous windows or fresh install
You will receive a bootable USB memory drive pre-loaded with genuine Windows 10 HOME installation, With a printed copy of the product license key and installation instructions.
 Product license is 100% Genuine Retail Distribution (Lifetime)
  • English / UK version is sent only (we do not offer other languages due to our support service is based in the uk.  you can change the language after install)
  • Retail Licence can be used for Upgrade from older windows (7, 8, 8.1 ect) or Fresh install ✅

  • For Windows - only works with one PC/Laptop installation - Please contact us for bulk orders.

  • USB drive works with all different types of computer/laptop - Legacy BIOS and UEFI (32/64Bit).

    Retail licence so can Upgrade from previous windows  7, 8, 8.1 or fresh install or recovery
    (we can upgrade you if you have vista or xp and want to upgrade please contact us for details)
Minimum Hardware:
1 Ghz Intel/AMD CPU (CPU must support NX)
1 GB RAM (32bit) or 2GB RAM (64bit) 
16GB of hard disk space 
USB 2.0 USB port
Internet connection
Microsoft Partner & Authiorised reseller 
The COA labels will be removed from the computers, but will more than likely be damaged in the process. 
Important legal notice regarding this product:
The principle of exhaustion applies to all areas of intellectual property. The sale of copyright protected works and their copies is addressed in the Information Society directive 2001/29 and includes the principle of exhaustion in Art. 4(2). According to this principle, the right of distribution is “exhausted” in the event that an original work, or a copy of an original work, has been sold within the EU/EEC with the consent of the right owner. After the first sale the buyer can sell the (used) work without subsequently obtaining the original owner’s permission.
Article 4(1) of the Software Directive 2009/24/EC allows the right holder of a computer program to have exclusive rights. Article 4(2) states that: “the first sale in the Community of a copy of a program by the right holder or with his consent shall exhaust the distribution right within the Community (EU) of that copy.”
Article 5(1) states that unless the contract specifies otherwise, the acts of reproduction and translation, under aforementioned articles, do not require authorisation by the rights holder where they are necessary for the use of the computer program by a lawful acquirer.
 All keys are sourced from authorised Microsoft re-sellers.
Usedsoft v Oracle C‑128/11 is a case in the EU relating to the exhaustion of rights over computer programs. The case that sets out the following requirements in order to permit the sale of used software licenses/computer programs:
The first sale of the computer program/software licence has taken place within the EU;
the licence had been originally granted for an unlimited period;
the licence granted was in return for payment of commercial fee; and
any copies of the program/software licence which is still in the hands of the reseller must be destroyed.
These product keys come from liquid damaged computers that have not yet had their Operating System installed but have been allocated a license by the COA owners. All Desktop/Laptop computers have been sourced from verified Microsoft authenticated resellers. 
    Names or pictures used remain property of the respective companies. Contents and data copyright


Microsoft Windows 10 Home

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